Suzanne Huntington:

The ‘Thames Torsos' have always played an unfair second fiddle to the Whitechapel murders, with only a small number of books available to those interested the subject. In anticipation of the soon to be published ‘The Thames Torso Mysteries. Fact or Fiction?’ Suzanne will discuss the diverse and interwoven aspects of the Thames Torso mysteries and the factors we need to take into consideration prior to any conclusions being made. Let us extrapolate together and be wary of the pitfalls of supposition. Assume at your peril, the torsos may not be quite what you thought they were...

Suzanne Huntington was born in Shropshire but grew up in the Black Country where her parents ran a fish and chip shop. Always fascinated by the past, she completed a Modern History degree with the University of Leeds at St John’s College, York. After subsequently qualifying as a teacher she changed direction and worked in Financial Services for the following twenty-five years. She left the profession in 2018 and relocated back to her original Shropshire after 30 years in Yorkshire. She is now about to publish her first book; ‘The Thames Torso Murders. Fact or Fiction?’ due later this year by Mango Books. Outside of writing, Suzanne enjoys cooking with her husband Rick and crochet.


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