Lauren Davies:

The passing into law of the Contagious Diseases Act legalised the relentless persecution of women of the working and poorer classes who were deemed to be prostitutes. This lecture discusses the extent to which this may have contributed to the creation of the social conditions in which the murders of autumn 1888 took place. Could the police’s ability to solve the crimes have been affected by a law which they had once had to uphold?

Lauren is a researcher and historian of women's history, podcast host of a history podcast called “Transatlantic History Ramblings with Lauren and Brian” and is a Medieval Studies Masters student from Swansea in South Wales. Lauren has been fascinated by all things history from a young age, and has over the past few years developed an interest in the stories of women across a broad spectrum of history and their encounters with the criminal justice system of their period. Lauren has also spoken on the medieval prison system to the Metropolitan Police Heritage Society, and the relationship of the Medieval Jewry with the Tower of London for the Whitechapel Society.


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